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History & Facts Of Sankat Mochan Temple, Shimla- Himachali Roots

Sankat Mochan Temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Shimla, which is located amid the lush green and tranquil locals of Himachal Pradesh. Tourists visit this temple to pay obeisance to the deities of Lord Rama and other notable gods of the Hindu pantheon.


This spiritual destination is located approximately 5 kilometers away from Shimla and it is the second most popular tourist spot after Jakhu Temple. The temple, which was established in the year 1950, was the result of an initiative taken by the noted religious figure-Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj, who was amazed by the beauty of the place. He stayed in the deep dark woods for ten days and decided to establish a Hindu temple on the location. This majestic temple houses the deities of Lord Rama, Lord Shiva, and Hanuman.

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History & Facts Of Sankat Mochan Temple, Shimla- Himachali Roots , Sankat Mochan Temple Shimla ,

Initially the Sankat Mochan Temple was a small shrine but today it is a three-storied building, which is used for many purposes like feeding the poor (Langar) and conducting marriage ceremonies. There is also an Ayurvedic clinic to address the health concerns of the devotees.


Sankat Mochan Temple Story & History

Around 1950’s, Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj came to this beautiful place and discovered the perfect spot for meditation and soulful introspection. After staying here for 10 days, he desired that a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman should be built here. Baba’s faithful devotees included the governor of Himachal Pradesh, who along with Bhagvan Sahai took up the task of building the temple and fulfilling their Guru’s wish.

History & Facts Of Sankat Mochan Temple, Shimla- Himachali Roots , Sankat Mochan Temple Shimla ,

Finally, on the 21st of June 1966, the temple was sanctified and thus was fulfilled Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj’s desire of having a temple built over here that was dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It was a small temple back then, but now, due to the huge inflow of devotees, the Sankat Mochan temple has grown by leaps and bounds and today sprawls on huge area. The Sankat Mochan temple is dedicated mainly to Lord Hanuman, though one can find idols of Lord Rama, Shiva and Ganesha in separate complexes. There is a specially made temple for Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj also. The temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha has been built in the South Indian style of architecture and is worth the visit.


The Sankat Mochan temple has many facilities for people and also includes a three-storey building that is used for many purposes. Every Sunday, the huge hall in the building is used for distributing Prasad, also known as Langar. One portion of the building is used to conduct marriage ceremonies and is rented out to people who want to conduct marriages.

History & Facts Of Sankat Mochan Temple, Shimla- Himachali Roots , Sankat Mochan Temple Shimla ,

The Sankat Mochan temple charges a very nominal fee for this. Apart from marriages, there are many other sacred rituals and ceremonies that can be conducted over here. Priests and the maintenance staff, who work here day and night, use the rest of the building as a residential complex. The temple also has an Ayurvedic clinic and thirty well maintained toilets.


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